What to do if you want to Start a Business at Home in the Philippines

Thinking of having your own business?

I’ve recently started an interior décor business and was basically clueless how to go about with the business registration.

The first thing you need to consider is what business you are willing to start.

1. Think of 5 names for your business.3 is the requirements but make it 5, just to make sure.

2. Go to the DTI website and search if the name chosen already exist. If you don’t have access online, go to the nearest DTI office where you want to start your business. 

Make sure that you bring 2 valid IDs with photocopies, 2 identical passport size picture (with signature at the back) taken not more 1 year preceding the filing and then fill up Application for Sole Proprietorship otherwise known as BTRCP Form.

Who can apply for Sole Proprietorship? 

Any person of legal age, 18 years old and above. You also have to be Filipino Citizen.

Basic Application Fee P300.00

Documentary Stamps P15.00

3) Apply for Community Tax Certificate (Cedula), Barangay Clearance & Brgy. Business Clearance at the Barangay Hall where your business will be located. 

Fees and charges may vary but it should be more than P1,000.00

4) Applying for Mayor’s Permit (Municipal Office)

Bring all the legal documents you have so far to the Treasurer’s Office for screening.  Make sure that you have a photocopy of each including your valid IDs.


  • Accomplished business permit application form
  • DTI – business name certificate
  • Sketch of business location
  • Pictures of the establishment (inside and out)
  • 2 pcs. 2×2 ID colored picture
  • Registration fee, amount of which depends on the type of the business

From the Treasurer’s Office, you will be asked to go from one office to another to get the following:

  • Annual Certificate of Inspection from Engineering Office
  • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate from Bureau of Fire Protection
  • Sanitary Permit to Operate from Municipal Health Office
  • Application of Business Permit to Mayors Office

Once you’re able to secure a Business Permit, you may now register your business to BIR.


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Hello world!

Life is short, No one knows what will happen next. All we can do  is pray, breathe, live and hope for a better tomorrow.

To express oneself is an opportunity no one should hesitate on doing, in this void I’ll say everything that I can’t say to anyone. Only to you… to the ones like me. Searching for a greater meaning in life.

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